Cannabis Financing

JDM Capital Solutions understands the complexity in locating lenders that are open to funding the cannabis industry. As laws and policies are rapidly changing, our lenders are experts at navigating the highly regulated and compliance issues often associated with cannabis financing.

We currently can service loans for:

  • •   Cannabis-Based Real Estate
  • •   Dispensary Build-Outs
  • •   Cannabis Working Capital
  • •   Cannabis Equipment Leasing

Cannabis Merchant Processing is also available.

Cannabis Financing Pros:

  • •   Approvals for any need within the cannabis industry
  • •   Maintain peace of mind by staying within compliance
  • •   Banking, lending, and payment processing solutions all from one company

Cannabis Financing Cons:

  • •   Heavy paperwork and legal issues to navigate leading to a longer approval process
  • •   Rates can be high because of the risks involved .
  • •   Clients will need to show strong personal credit profiles and personal finance statements

JDM Capital Solutions promises to beat your current Cannabis Financing rate/terms for customers receiving these services elsewhere. Email your current contract/term sheet to and JDM Capital Solutions will explore solutions to save your business money every month.

For new inquiries regarding Cannabis Financing, call us today at (702) 825-7972 or email to schedule a phone consultation.